GREEN LION 2 in 1 Digital Display Microphone – Type-C

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Only 2 left in stock

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Green Lion 2 in 1 Digital Display Microphone is an efficient and affordable option for professional sound recording. It consists of two delicately formed digital display microphones that come in a chargeable Type-C connector case, and due to its 600mAh battery capacity, you are provided with long-lasting battery life that works up to 5 hours with no need to recharge. Thanks to 64DB SNR (Sound-to-Noise Ration), -75DB Sensitivity, 30ms Transmission delay, and clear timber ability, this innovative digital microphone offers you the experience of clean and clear sound tracking.  The combination of 20meter accessibility range with previous features make this microphone highly desirable for recording situations where audio quality, fidelity and accurate sound reproduction are of utmost importance.

Digital Silicone Mark Microphone
20 Meter Accessible Reception
600mAh Battery Capacity 
5Hrs Working
Clear Timbre
EAN: 6935100175966